Monday, April 5, 2010

Teach Me!!

I've been beating myself up!

Last night I sent an email to my shrink (yes, I have a "shrink" :p), a looooong one!
I was thinking out loud about what could be the reason that made me feel worse after I started seeing him, while I said on our first meeting, and I quote myself, "I want to seal my panic problem". I told him in the email, that when someone uses the word "seal", it probably indicates that that someone had "contained" the thing and put a lid on it, and just wants to secure it!
I thought out loud, and I wrote my stressors in the past two weeks, as well as the positive things that happened to me during the past... I dunno, one or two months! I identified 9 stressors!! And most of them were chronic!

I realized that I do have stress issues, I have more on my plate than I SHOULD be having. I realized that it is not only others that are giving me stuff to do and more work to make sure is done 100% super perfectly; I am also doing that to myself.
I am a perfectionist, and I did this to myself, and I am letting things get to me because I don't know any better.

So, I decided that I will relax. See, even if you tell me, hey Dear, try to relax well ya? I'd tell you, I'm honestly trying but I can't! It is true! I am trying but I am unable to! Can you believe that I have forgotten how to relax? I started by "no more taking my work home with me" today, and when I closed the car door, I was like, ok, now what? What will I do? Mmm, why don't I think about what happened at work today? Or think about what I should do at work tomorrow... And I started revising what happened in the meeting with the director, and then the project team, and.... Heeey wait a minute! I am back to work!!!

What are my hobbies? Maybe I should do yoga, and get busy taking good pictures, why not? Mmm, mom told me I should go back to drawing!

So, guys, help a girl out.. Give me your ideas, brainstorm! What do people do to relax after work? Be anonymous if you wanna :p
Please give me something that doesn't require taking a vacation :D

PS Bliss and MOZA thnx for your comments :)

4 cool peeps replied:

M O Z A said...

after uni(in my case) i come back and watch series, in a dark cold room while sipping green to to shed off that stress and exhaustion. try it =p , or GYM ?

Bliss said...

I'm exactly like you, i could never let go of things and just try to relax..
But i'm trying my best to occupy my time by doing something, going to a gym as Moza suggested is a great idea :)

And Dear, i'm always here if you ever needed anything :)

RainDrop said...

I used to come from work, lay down for a while "usually think of something nice, like make up a love story where am the hero :p -pathetic much? but wallah fun!"

right now am busy, with my girl, i dont have much time for me, but when i do, i either watch a movie, or go out with my cousins, or ski at mall of the emirates.. i know this is gonna b hard for u to do hehe.. but am just saying!

lately, girls have started taking cooking classes, cakes and such! why not do that?

DRAW DRAW DRAW if u can! plug ur ipod in , listen to ur fav music and draw!

A day at the spa once a week, should help a lot.. oh ya and its summer, beach baby!


Shirley said...

What I usually do is watch my favorite series... Some are new but some are as old as my parents are ...

Or sports I always like to take the edge of by sporting... Because with the sport I do (and most of the sports) you will be so focused that you don't have time to think about stuff like work.

If that wont help take a pet. So you can walk it.
Take up hiking.

Reading is a great way for me to relax aswell..

So pick whatever works for you there are enough options out there !

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