Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Finally Today

*Brett Dennen - The One Who Loves You the Most

Brett Dennen is good, his problem is that most of his songs have the same tone, although with good lyrics. I just hate the lack of creativity!
Anyhow, good song; one of the songs on my list of "I Wish He Sings Me This". He = the future love of my life. I've had this list for a while, for years and years on my head only... Everytime I heard a good love song, I wished he would sing it to me, TO ME, not to just sing it in front of me, sing it truely for this girl; oh Dear!!.

So anyhow, it's the weekend, I actually have plans! You'd think I'm in a better mood, but I am not! Wow, huh?
I'm going to a little place with a swimming pool and grass and bugs and maybe frogs; I hate grass, bugs and frogs. But I do love swimming; if I had a swimming pool in my house, I'd live in it!I'm going with the family, a sudden plan made by yours truely, and it's going to be a whole day. Yep, I love swimming; it's one of my favorite exhausting activities; next to shopping.

Friday I will visit a friend who slipped at work and broke her nose and her leg as well; she's been on sick leave for a couple of weeks now, and she's staying home for the next month as well. Well, not home exactly, she is going to travel to... somewhere.

This might seem like the typical weekend that I would usually have as the old happy bubbly ohDear!! but it hardly is; the mood is not there at all. It is like, I am doing this in a very mechanical fashion. I like to swim, will do it. I need to visit my friend against my will because she's upset that I didn't leave my whole life and misery behind my back and come to support her at her house during her recovery, so I'm doing it.

And I'm not happy about the visit, because I really wanted to visit her, but I'm in a totally bad shape. She doesn't really think of me, she thinks of herself. She wants me to come pamper her; she told me that she's really bored too. She said that all her friends visited her except for "you guys" (me and our two other mutual friends from work; we're besties), although I am almost certain that no one from work visited her at all. And I'm not happy with the way she's acting, as soon as I heard about it, I called her and I spoke to her and I was really hurt for her. But it's not enough! And it isn't like we didn't try to visit her, I mean, we only planned this visit with her twice and she cancelled it, again, TWICE for other important plans (laser appointment, and then a night out with her other friends; but hey, her cancelling on us isn't really something new, she always does this, so you'd think we would have gotten used to it by now; nope)! But anyways, I still need to baby sit her for a couple of hours, so that she would feel supported. Doesn't matter how I'm feeling. Friends come first. It isn't like my life is over, right? I mean, even though it feel like I'm dying, I still have to take care of my friends, right?

"F" selfish friends.

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Jundi said...

"selfish friends" .. kind of an oxymoron isnt it :D

MuSe said...

who knows it might be a change of heart and pain and mood and all. ignore your friend, enjoy your day :)

ohDear!! said...

True! Friends come with all sorts of flaws. I hate them but I can't help loving her!

It was! Not a lot, but it was.
I'm planning to visit my friend tomorrow though, must make friend happy!

Anonymous said...

Well I had enough of selfish people! Sick and tired of a bunch of craps and "backstabbers* Solitude do me good, I'm ok with friend-less :P

Babe, you are just so kind! I have an evil idea-shut your phone for a few days so you will get no disturb? Ok I'm mean but I'm totally loveable and huggable, I swear, LOOOL :D

Whispering Thoughts said...

This can cover family too. If you had a problem, they still think about you as you are gonna care about them regardless whatever you feel/live/or going through. I always believe that friends are always there for fun, but once you wanna cry, you should cry alone and hidden. I think it's the way life it is. I feel the way you feel, but if you got a shoulder to cry on , plez tell me cuz I need this badly.

ohDear!! said...

I did that, shut my phone for a few days when I was REALLY DOWN AND DEPRESSED and it seemed like friend police was after me...
One of my friends was so desperate to find out if I was okay or not that she thought I was dead and decided that she's gonna come to my house and find out herself!
Can't do that to my friends even if they have flaws, still luv them <3
~Of course you're huggable, lovable, edible :p (is B getting jealous yet? :p)

Whispering Thoughts
Aww babe if I can help you I would *kiss*...
I know what you mean, friends are at the end... friends! You don't know what life might do to you and separate you, and there isn't a law in Qur'an that says friends must keep in touch, like there is for family.
That's why I think the luckiest people are people who have understanding and friendly families that are always, always, always there for you no matter what.
Don't worry babe, if you ask for a shoulder, you're gonna find one. No shame in needing someone sometime!

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