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  2. I AM GOING TO - ok this is not as serious, no need for the caps!! I'm going to spend next weekend with my friend in Riyadh. Just wanna spend a little time away from home and with a friend. Already booked the flight.
  3. ... nothing else..!!
Actually the "OMG" thing was related to number one only; nothing else that's serious is going on in my life. Although I am feeling very confused, because I am thinking of making serious decisions very soon. Life changing decisions. Scare-the-shit-out-of-you decisions. Wait, that was such a stinky thing for a lady to say.
I'm not going to talk about those things, not to anyone; because I always talk about those things and I jinx the plans. Like the London trip. I kinda feel that I'm already jinxing my secret scare-the-shit-out-of-you decisions... I should probably stop talking about them.. Okay, deep breath.. Positive thinking...

Ok, changing the subject.

Let's start with this hot hot hot song! Very cool sexy lyrics ;) Awoooo :p

* Shakira - She Wolf

Now that you're in the mood, READ! :p

So I'm reading this very interesting book -Love, Rosie! There is no actual story telling; the author, Cecilia Ahern, made it as though you are reading letters; Rosie sends Alex a note at school to invite him to her 7th birthday party, he replies, she replies, they make fun of the teacher Ms. Casey, Ms. Casey sends a letter to Alex's mom... And that is just how the book starts. Their letters from when they were little cracked me up -check this out and see what I mean- but then when things started to happen and ohh the drama!

I've only finished part one, and through letters, postcards, text messages, and instant messaging, Cecilia successfuly hooked me to the exciting events!  Sometimes it broke my heart how Rosie was frustrated.

Rosie is 25 years old by the end of part one. I can't wait to know how things will turn out, I kind of feel for her because she's been having a crush on Alex, but she didn't realize this until he moved away. Now you'd think that I have "burnt" the story in part one, no babes, I didn't :p You can still read it and enjoy it and thank me later. Okay thank me as soon as you start liking the book!
I think Cecilia is smart because in her book she is pressing on the lagafa curiousity nerve :p you are actually reading letters and private conversations, yeah, exciting ;)

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Dee.Dee said...

Ooo good luck with the getting single part o_O
Big decision indeed.

Enjoy the freedom =D!

Anonymous said...

For the CAPS- Proud of you babe, you're BRAVE!I don't know what happened between you guys but I know there is must be a reason and one thing-IT'S HIS LOSS WITHOUT YOU!

Congrats on the vacation thingy, even though Riyadh is near but at least you got what you want-VACATION YAY!

I love Cecelia Adhern! She is a good author, I will go and search for this book, name me who doesn't love to read PRIVATE conversations or letters :P

About the poll on the right hand corner of your page, I love weird places! Let's go to Japan or China, think about it this way, you will learn extra language and do your master at the same time. If not then UK is a good choice! Good luck in whatever you choose! Can't wait to have you in "running away from home and freedom" team formed by C! Kidding!

nosa said...

hey babe.. i wasnt here long.. but goin bk to bein single is 1 hell of a hard decision n what hell of a crap happining bk then...

inshalah e5trti 9a7 wekon bedayat an amazing new life...

i wish i can travel alone.. my parents dont allow me to! imagin though i studies outa bahrain.. my brothers or father dropped me n picked me up everytime.. which wasso sweet! heheh

okay so about ur poll.. i say UK.. y? coz its far but near.. y3ni if u wana go bk to KSA its merly 7 hrs flights unlike the rest..
i love the UK! i dont know y.. well maybe im born there! haha bs matfreg.. i just love the memories there i guess..

anyways.. anything u do n decide.. dnt 4get to teste5ereen gbl.. 3shn nothing gets jixed..

Jundi said...

lol awal marra asma3 someone goes on vacation to riyadh hahaha .. sorry about that .. good luck with the single thing :)

Mad Art said...

Have fun while you're still single^^"
And the book rlly sounds good,any particular library??

ohDear!! said...

Thanks! I'm planning to :)

*CAPS-well he knows that ;) Kinda feel sorry for him...
*Hehe you're so sweet! You're my bloggy cheerleader ;)
*This is the first book I read for Cecelia, am liking it :)
*I'll go anywhere, anywhere but home ;) pray for me I want this to happen next year!

What you talking about? Being single is not crap until you get older :p It's not that I want to go back to single for the sake of being single! I want to because things didn't work out :)

My family is difficult too :) that is why I keep planning! My devils are working overtime, I owe them a lot :D

And good point! And I'd love to have good memories there too.. Thanks for the advice babe, appreciate it :*

Hmmm I think you heard wrong, I said "weekend"! :S
And -thanks! :)

Mad Art
Hehe thanks, that will happen soon..
And I got it from Jarir :)

Charmbracelet said...

That book sounds cool..
And the song she wolf is cool but wayid 3abalha ihya shay w towards the end of the song she does this really crazy moove! Like rubbing her belly and tapping on her head! It's soooo funny and stupid !

Anonymous said...

hey, i wish u all the best of luck with the starting over thingy :D

Reyadh sounds borning, nvr been there though :P

4 the poll, i voted 4 US, go to NY i can feel the life there :P

and about the book, hell yeah !! its 1 of my fav so far, i read it with another title which is " where rainbows end "

ive wrote a post abt it also, u can enter it

have fun :D

Anonymous said...

single is good! i've been single for over a year now and i'm enjoying it ;)

and that shakira can move like a snake .. her body is sexier than the lyrics :D that's a girl that will make me don't wanna be single anymore :P

SKITTLES said...

I can never get enough from Shakira!

interesting book review :-o

Anonymous said...

for the masters i suggest uk! closer and whenever u have a break u can just travel to any close european country ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL I kind of jinx my own plans too! Even the ones that I don't tell anyone about :|
The best way to avoid jinxing is stop thinking about it, like, ever.
I read Love, Rosie couple of years ago. It's a very nice book, not Cecelia's best, though. My ultimate favorites are If You Could See Me Now and PS I Love You <3

Good luck with your STSOOY decisions ;)

ohDear!! said...

It is very cool, one of what they call a can't-put-down books :)
& LOL @ Shakira's video!! You know I never liked the song until I heard it without the video, it's so distracting because all the time you think "is she really wearing something or that's paint on her body?" :p

Thanks for the wishes :) will be official inshallah next week :p~
Riyadh is very boring! I'm just looking for my friend's company, and new shopping malls of course =D
Thnx for the vote :) your vote sounds appealing!
I'll defintely check your review on the book, hope the book you're talking about is as captivating as this one!

Hmmm, so you do advice? :p
Yeah, Shakira is sexy, but not as sexy as BeYonCy! ;) ~ that's a girl that will make me.. umm.. never mind :p!!
~Love the fact that UK is closer, and another good point, the traveling :) thanks!

The book itself is more interesting! ~ I so should be getting money for all this advertisement :p

Hind ♥
I read PS I love you, I liked the story but I thought that she stretched the events, she could have told the same story in a hundred pages. Did you see the movie? I have it but I didn't watch it because it kinda seemed depressing to me, especially with my 'situation' ;)

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