Monday, November 2, 2009

the "Beautiful" & the "Handsome" (yum!)

*Alicia Keys & Alejandro Sanz - Looking for Paradise
By the way, that's my ring tone ^^,

I worked with Sharon for a couple of months and then she left the place. We became friends quickly. She is much older than I, but she is so cool! Me and this blondie sometimes would stand in a very inappropriately relaxed pose, in the middle of the crowded work place, leaning to a wall and just talk! Gossip too!.. Sometimes she tends to speak too quickly in her Welishy accent, and I ask her to repeat. No shame in repeating :p she said "we actually have our own language in Wails" and "if I really speak in my accent, you wouldn't understand a word!" -and she meant English, not Welish!!

She's still working in KSA, and we're still pals, mostly online. She's a sweet, sweet lady, and she is trying to fix me up with her "handsome" and "fit" husband's friend from work! He plays football and his name is **** and this is his number **********!!
She will send me a picture and wants to know if she can give him my number!! So sweet of Sharon and her husband (which I consider my friend too, because she loves him a lot and she introduced me to him once when he came to pick her up from work, and he cooks her dinner and asks her what she wants to eat tonight ;) and girls, you know that men who cook for the lady are sexay!).

I'm gonna send her back that it's too soon for me... Even though, *reconsiders* hmmm.. Football player, fit, handsome.. I bet he plays football in shorts, and... shirtless!! God knows why, but damn it he does! And he must be tanned, because he plays under the sun.. Yeah that's why he plays shirtless, the sun is too hot and he sweats, sweat drops falling down to his tummy.. tummy.. *whispers: tummyyyy*... Hmmm, do you think when she said "fit", she actually meant "muscular"? Y3ni is he fit chest-wise, biceps-wise too? Because he should! His arms must be so strong... His legs too from all that running around..

*forgets she's blogging and a drop of drool reaches the floor*

Ok, ok JUST KIDDING :p it's too soon, thanks Sharon and her husband :) you're totally sweet :* but it's not the time.. I just don't want anyone new right now!

19 cool peeps replied:

Anonymous said...

where is he from? and we never played football shirtless :p

so the looks and body is what u r looking for in a man? that will be good for me ;) lool

ohDear!! said...

He is from candy land. Are you jealous?! I think you are :pP
That is not the only thing, but it is one thing I discovered I should aspire to :p

Anonymous said...

lool why should i be? :p
i have all that and more ;)

Smart CoOKie said...


ohDear!! said...

YOU SHOULD BE :@ .. be jealous be jealous be jealous :p
You have more? hehe.. You wish!!
No one can beat my **** :p

Smart CoOKie

Bliss said...

If you're not ready, then you shouldn't pressure yourself.

A football player? is he Saudi?

Jundi said...

loool this post was funny .. pls do me a favor and tell sharon if she knows any hot girls to hook me up :D

ohDear!! said...

I'm defintely not! Funny how everyone is trying to fix me up with some guy!
He's not a football player, he just plays football ;) Luv a guy with a hobby although I'm totally not into football LOL!!

Well, she knows me. Need I say more? :p
Hmmm, maybe I'll send you his number!! He might "change your ways"! LOOOL heheee..
Sorry Jundi am just kidding.. feel free to slap me for that!

Jundi said...

ya but u just said ur not ready so does she know anyone else :P .. ba3dain i dont need ur permission to slap u .. im kidding im kidding .. unless u like 7imish guys then i wasnt lol

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should go for him if your ready. Btw I would put a big X on man who plays football, I hate football! I prefer someone who plays basketball, LOOOL :P

Aww Sharon is so cute and also her husband who cooks! Reminded me of B :( btw he's coming back tomorrow, yay for me! Babe, can you save a place for me beside your table, I wanna work in the same office, we can chat/gossip for all day long-about the things you mentioned above! That's the "role model" of perfect man you describe above!

Whispering Thoughts said...

Oh boy, I play football and I go to gym. Yet, I can cook and I can dance lol…. Hey, I never got a gal can describe me in the way u did, didn’t I? I’m officially jealous that these Welish couple have captive ur heart…… oh boy , I’m happy u don’t wanna any one new right now. Sigh relives loooooool

Whispering Thoughts said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SKITTLES said...

LOL! If he's as hot as your wild imagination there, i want him! haha

ohDear!! said...

~I am not ready nor available. I have taken myself off the market, reserved for someone worthy. Applier shall prove himself before submitting. Thank you very much.
~And no I'm not into 7imish guys, that sounded so 9a3eedi :p

~Well babe I hate football too, I don't think I would hook up with a football player either :p
I'd like someone who goes to the gym :)
~Yeah Sharon is very pleased with her husband ;)
~Aww C in my office! Hey that'd be so cool! I'm excited :) Me, you, J, and K can have another birthday party :p
It'll be yours LOL!!

Whispering Thoughts
Hehe, you're mumbling :D
If you want a girl to describe you in that way, make her happy, and ask her to do that. She will!
She will do anything for you...

Take him :p I want someone better!! LOL

Jundi said...

swing and a miss -_-

Errant said...

that's the hardest decision ever ... good luck though

Anonymous said...

hahaha... you girls are crazy :p

very sweet post :)

ohDear!! said...

hehe.. good luck the next time! :)

Thanks, it was extremely difficult!

Thanks! I am a bit crazy, if the situation permits *sitting straight and pretending to be all put together*

DM said...

"*forgets she's blogging and a drop of drool reaches the floor*"

Lol, you just keep on makin my smile wider and wider, haha.

*wipes drool with some Kleenex*


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