Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mr. Right :p

This is funny :D a BB BC:

I haven't met Mr. Right yet.. But I have met:
☑ Mr. Asshole
☑ Mr. Engaged
☑ Mr. Psycho
☑ Mr. Drama
☑ Mr. Cheap ass
☑ Mr. Obsessed !
☑ Mr. Married =))
The list goes on:
☑ Mr. Your just to good 4 me , u deserve better!!
☑ Mr. I had a car accident that's why I couldn't answer my phone or come
☑ Mr. All girls r bitch's and my sis is an angel...
☑ Mr. I can't propose to you coz my parents want me to marry my cousin!
☑ Mr. I'm the one who controls this relationship
☑ Mr. Busy busy busy!!
☑ Mr. Ana rijal ma y3bny shai
☑ Mr. I'm afraıd Ur famıly won't accept me cuz' of the stupid MOJTAMA3 thinking.
☑ Mr. Ana ma3moli 3amal marbooot ma agdr atzawajek, bs its ok 2 have u as a girl friend.=D
☑ Mr. I'm an angel I'm perfect o ma a'3l6
☑ Mr. Unsuccessful
☑ Mr. Looooooser
☑ Mr. Oh look at me I'm too pretty
☑ Mr. U r the last thing in my list
☑ Mr. U r way too complicated and I can't get u.
☑ Mr. Ma a3te4er o Ta3ali ra'9ini or I'll leave u!
☑ Mr. I'm not a relationship guy bs enti 3'air sub7an allah!
☑ Mr. It's not you ,, it's me !! << The old fashion excuse.
☑ Mr. BISEXUAL o y7ss he deserves al(men's rights) :/
☑ Mr. I'm afraid of allah fj2ah that's why I have to broke up (he lies) yb3'a t9refa tsktek ast3'fr Allah
☑ Mr. Ana kont met7ames awal ma 3reftk I thought I love u but I was wrong!
☑ Mr. I am already in love but I love u 2, ash asawe I am n love with 2. 010 that's 2010 ,NEEEWWW
...... Fill in the blanks girls ;) loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool


Monday, April 12, 2010

It Is Not Funny...

I haven't been talking about anything but how much I'm tired and how badly I am looking forward for my leave. I agreed with boss that I'm not gonna cover for him. But on Saturday I am surprised that I actually am!
I had no choice! I got pissed at him. We were talking on BBM and I told him I didn't know I've been covering for you!
Me: You put me in your out of office replay and people are sending me your emails.
Boss: You're just there for signing papers (means that his boss will cover for him).

We spoke for a bit and I mentioned Tuesday which I am supposed to be on leave...

Boss: I will be in Riyadh Tuesday.
Me: then let your boss cover for you! You know I am sick ya nas I am sick and tired!!
Boss: wallah I am not happy about it, he will come too.
Me: you're not serious!! Then let HIS boss cover for you two...
Boss: he is coming too...
Me: -getting annoyed- then let flan (the CEO) cover for you guys.. I don't care if...
Boss: he is coming too.
Me: :O.. Wah..

And then he told me the story of the minister bla bla bla. I was so upset, and his boss came later and I spoke to him and I told him you guys are really making me angry.. And I showed him my meds, he laughed and said I reminded him of his grandma!!

Almohim boss pulled me from the never ending exhausting mind draining project for this week, and we finally agreed that I will leave the place unattended on Tuesday, and shall a museeba happen, I will come from home.

Truth is, I am saying that I'm not coming, but I don't have the heart to do this.
And truth is, they are going to be away until Wednesday noon.
And truth is, I have the right to take 3 weeks leave (starting next Saturday), which will be followed by a one week trip to Lebanon for a course!

Wouldn't that be cool? ;)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Last Week Before FaKasHon!!

I was able to have an anxiety/panic-free day yesterday; it had a lot to do with being off, and I am certain that my school buddy's prayers had a huge impact... I was pretty much "relaxed" the whole day...
But the moment I opened my eyes today when I heard the sound of the alarm, I felt it again.. I tried to analyze the situation according to what shrinky explained, he said that the way I think about the situation is the thing that leads to my emotions and behavior towards it. So, what's the situation? Me having to go to work? Meh.. What... Wah...
Wow, I really burned myself out working, didn't I?

I loved spending time doing almost nothing yesterday, I even enjoyed lazying around and saying "I'm too bored to move".. I will definitely keep doing that for some time! I EARNED it strongly strongly EARNED it!!

On Thursday while I was in the university, I got an email from boss asking me to cover for him for four days. We already agreed that he'll be off Sat, Sun, and Mon, and I'll take Tues and Fri before my two weeks vacation (to study for my finals/get away from work), and I told him that I am sorry but I will not be able to cover for him during his leave, because I am SICK. He knows everything, so he agreed. Now this email is basically telling me not only to stay at work, but asking me to cover for him. "Please agree..." Reading those words made me want to cry. I immediately spoke to him on BBM, I was tearful. He told me it is okay, and asked me not to worry about who will cover for him while he is gone.

I really need rehabilitation, I am a bad case of workaholism, moreover I used more and more work pressure to get away from the other pressures that I had (didn't work by the way), and the end result became an insanely huge pressure... Ahh, the irony!

So, I'm on my way to work now... I'm more than half an hour late, dunno when will they finish "fixing" the mistakes in Dammam roads and streets.. Am not complaining though!!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Teach Me!!

I've been beating myself up!

Last night I sent an email to my shrink (yes, I have a "shrink" :p), a looooong one!
I was thinking out loud about what could be the reason that made me feel worse after I started seeing him, while I said on our first meeting, and I quote myself, "I want to seal my panic problem". I told him in the email, that when someone uses the word "seal", it probably indicates that that someone had "contained" the thing and put a lid on it, and just wants to secure it!
I thought out loud, and I wrote my stressors in the past two weeks, as well as the positive things that happened to me during the past... I dunno, one or two months! I identified 9 stressors!! And most of them were chronic!

I realized that I do have stress issues, I have more on my plate than I SHOULD be having. I realized that it is not only others that are giving me stuff to do and more work to make sure is done 100% super perfectly; I am also doing that to myself.
I am a perfectionist, and I did this to myself, and I am letting things get to me because I don't know any better.

So, I decided that I will relax. See, even if you tell me, hey Dear, try to relax well ya? I'd tell you, I'm honestly trying but I can't! It is true! I am trying but I am unable to! Can you believe that I have forgotten how to relax? I started by "no more taking my work home with me" today, and when I closed the car door, I was like, ok, now what? What will I do? Mmm, why don't I think about what happened at work today? Or think about what I should do at work tomorrow... And I started revising what happened in the meeting with the director, and then the project team, and.... Heeey wait a minute! I am back to work!!!

What are my hobbies? Maybe I should do yoga, and get busy taking good pictures, why not? Mmm, mom told me I should go back to drawing!

So, guys, help a girl out.. Give me your ideas, brainstorm! What do people do to relax after work? Be anonymous if you wanna :p
Please give me something that doesn't require taking a vacation :D

PS Bliss and MOZA thnx for your comments :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thanks guys for your comments :) lemmi just finish the finals and more "mitaltila" assignments, and then watch it! Gosh this project at work is draining me out..

Wanna know how are things with Annoying Guy?

Well, I think he actually "listens" to me kinda! He pretends that he is his old annoying self and would like to go on and on about himself and stuff... But after certain critical events, when I speak to him, he quiets down and takes in what I say to him. I coached him on the phone that when he wants to discuss anything with me, he should LISTEN and DONT INTERRUPT! I actually told him, you got a pen and paper? Ok, get em, now listen carefully because if you want this conversation going, then you're gonna have to listen and don't interrupt, if you have ANY COMMENT, you're gonna have to write it down on that piece of paper, and when I'm done, you're gonna say your comments. And that was how our almost 45 minutes discussion went on the phone. He expressed his opinion, which I didn't agree with on many levels, and the next day, it was as though we had a new Annoying Guy.. He was so happy to hear my voice on the phone the next day (I was calling looking for someone else but he caught me and went on and on about nothing...) and he "apologized" for raising his voice when I asked him to learn to lower it :p

Gosh.. He might still be annoying, but something in him changed! He could learn if he was taught.. Nobody's perfect I know, I shouldn't talk.. But seriously..

This project taught each and every one of us a little something (or something big)... No regrets on the learning, but the burnout... Meh.. Can't wait till my two weeks vacation to study for my finals!


Friday, April 2, 2010

This is The Second Time

This is the second time that I feel like, I will dive in watching series. Cuz I feel so lonely even though my life is hectic. I watched 3 seasons of Ugly Betty and 6 seasons of Sex and the City on my first time...
I'm planning to watch How I Met Your Mother, if I had time!!
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