Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eid Vacation: See Ya!!

Before I say anything, I'd like to thank bloggers who gave me some of their time to vote and comment ♥, thanks! For bloggers who did not vote yet, please do! I'd appreciate it :)

Now let me say something...

Have you heard of what happened in Khobar last Wedensday? Our beloved Saudi youth was celebrating the national day with breaking shop and restaurant windows and crashing the places in Khobar courniche!! I did not see it myself because -being wise and all- I decided that NOTHING will take me to Khobar on the national day/night. So if you didn't see it in action or on youtube yet; here goes, check it out if you didn't, girls dancing (lol), breaking restaurants, and finally, the next morning -looks like Khobar had a bad hangover :p!!

All I want to say about this is that it doesn't matter if those "youth" were from Riyadh, Eastern province, Sunnis, or Shiits; they are all Saudis, which is something that unites all (surprise, surprise!!) And after this, I'd ban the national day, you see I'm very strict with young people :p. And I wonder, isn't this a bid3a willa it's just Valentine's? =/

Hmmm, I have no more political issues to discuss.

Yeah and I want to lose weight, started with Yoga and man you sweat and it hurts!! But anyhow I couldn't resist passing by Krispy Kreme last night intending to buy coffee -but got a doughnut too! And look at my coffee with ♥ hearts ♥! The guy made me happy.. it was the highlight of my weekend.. pathetic, I know...

Yeah and here's your song
*The Faders - No Sleep Tonight

 See ya...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


  2. I AM GOING TO - ok this is not as serious, no need for the caps!! I'm going to spend next weekend with my friend in Riyadh. Just wanna spend a little time away from home and with a friend. Already booked the flight.
  3. ... nothing else..!!
Actually the "OMG" thing was related to number one only; nothing else that's serious is going on in my life. Although I am feeling very confused, because I am thinking of making serious decisions very soon. Life changing decisions. Scare-the-shit-out-of-you decisions. Wait, that was such a stinky thing for a lady to say.
I'm not going to talk about those things, not to anyone; because I always talk about those things and I jinx the plans. Like the London trip. I kinda feel that I'm already jinxing my secret scare-the-shit-out-of-you decisions... I should probably stop talking about them.. Okay, deep breath.. Positive thinking...

Ok, changing the subject.

Let's start with this hot hot hot song! Very cool sexy lyrics ;) Awoooo :p

* Shakira - She Wolf

Now that you're in the mood, READ! :p

So I'm reading this very interesting book -Love, Rosie! There is no actual story telling; the author, Cecilia Ahern, made it as though you are reading letters; Rosie sends Alex a note at school to invite him to her 7th birthday party, he replies, she replies, they make fun of the teacher Ms. Casey, Ms. Casey sends a letter to Alex's mom... And that is just how the book starts. Their letters from when they were little cracked me up -check this out and see what I mean- but then when things started to happen and ohh the drama!

I've only finished part one, and through letters, postcards, text messages, and instant messaging, Cecilia successfuly hooked me to the exciting events!  Sometimes it broke my heart how Rosie was frustrated.

Rosie is 25 years old by the end of part one. I can't wait to know how things will turn out, I kind of feel for her because she's been having a crush on Alex, but she didn't realize this until he moved away. Now you'd think that I have "burnt" the story in part one, no babes, I didn't :p You can still read it and enjoy it and thank me later. Okay thank me as soon as you start liking the book!
I think Cecilia is smart because in her book she is pressing on the lagafa curiousity nerve :p you are actually reading letters and private conversations, yeah, exciting ;)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Eid!! :)

It's Eid. Been a hard Ramadan, not physically, rather emotionally. I was preoccupied the whole month.. waiting, thinking, hoping, missing, problem solving, hair falling... I know I need some time off, but I don't think I'll get it soon...

So, it's Eid, finally! I didn't buy any new clothes for eid, I just have new hair pins and stuff like that :) I also have new shoes, not sure if I'll wear them!
Maybe if I listen to new songs? :p

I don't have plans for Eid, which is ordinary. I don't usually have plans on Eid, my family doesn't know plans. We make plans only to break them.. much like rules at our house too :p .. We have imaginary rules, yes, but plans.. never!! One Eid, we made a plan, and when we looked at the mirror, no one could recognize himself!! We had to cancel it... I'm not kidding... that's my house :)


So anyhow, what I wanted to say was, Eid mubarak everyone :)

*Jem - Just A Ride

Friday, September 18, 2009


*Alicia Keys - Superwoman

I'm seriously thinking of living alone -without my family- for a while. I want to work and study somewhere in the world at least for a year, if I like it, I might just do that for the rest of my life, and it'd be my thing.
But I'm afraid that these thoughts are in my head only because of what I'm going through; I mean I may not be thinking straight, maybe I'm exaggerating and making premature decisions.
Or maybe, this is just what I need...

Love the song... :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It Hurts

Awal shi play the song, then read :p
Enjoy Natasha Bedingfield ft. Sean Kingston - Love Like This

I came back from work and I slept because I didn't sleep at all last night. Someone suggested that it was because of the 7 cups of tea that I had during the night, I dunno!! *shrugs innocently*

So I woke up, I ate and sat with my family. It wasn't long before I went back to my bed; I had a HUGE headache, my whole body hurt. So I took Panadol and lay down. And the thinking began...

From my soon to be ex-fiance, to my family's feeling about the breakup, to how my life would be after all this finishes...
I thought about all my relationships; all my friends that had an impact on my life, my deceased friend and how much she loved me, and how my sister saved my life twice (once in a swimming pool, and the second time was now when she made me involve my family in my breakup).

But I know why I have a headache, it is not the tea; it is because I am a teeth grinder, and when I get anxious it becomes so bad I clench on my teeth day and night and it ends up with a headache, and yes, body pain.

I look nothing like my mother, but worry is the only thing that she gave me in the genes, thanks mom!

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Bad Cuppa Tee

Today I woke up at noon, which was wonderful, especially that I have been having a corrupted sleeping pattern for the last three weeks; and I spent my day just chillaxing until Maghrib prayer, after that I had a really tasty iftar. Everything was nice and beautiful.

But just then, things started to turn sour!!

I had plans to go out and take care of some hanging business, do a few tasks and grocery shop tonight... But I had to cancel that!
I heard from my friend bad news about our London trip, and apparently, we'll probably have to cancel the trip!!.. I NEED that trip.. :(
Then my sisters came over with their daughters and I was preoccupied with the London thing, that and the fact that am missing Mo like CraZy, so I really couldn't enjoy my time...

And then I wanted to make tea with mint, enjoy a few cups to loosen up and relax dima'3i (or, in a funkier language, agannid rasi!!), I was doing my niece's fingernails when I asked my other niece to fill the water boiler for me, and when I was ready to start making my magic tea, I find her and her little sister already done it.

And they ruined it!! I am bad at making tea, I know, but I love MY TEA, moreover I WANT my tea, and I was LOOKING FORWARD for the overdone mint in my candy-sweet tea.
They put too little mint, used regular sugar, which I hate!! (I like the taste of artificial sweetener!!), and they started pouring it too early...

So, in summary, I cancelled plans, they ruined my tea, tiny chance I'm going with my friend on a trip, and I MISS Mo LIKE NUTS..

Tomorrow better be good! I demand that someone makes this up to me, someone has got to!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


You know what bugs me?
When I first joined blogger (the first time), I had Saudi blogger friends. Now, they all disappeared.. I can't find Saudi bloggers anywhere?!

Where are the Saudi bloggers?!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I have a secret...

I am planning a trip to London with my friend, just the two of us. We'll stay in her friend's house. Her friend, who is living there now, swore that we stay with her in her home! Which is lovely, because both of us can't really afford to pay all the expenses; it'd leave me so poor next month especially that I'm going to give back a dowry, and I've spent a lot on a wedding that didn't happen :)

It will be a lot of fun, we're so excited because we both just got out of relationships; we need this dammit!

We spent hours and hours at work today dream-talking about it, we set a date and then we went to the airlines office and asked about the ticket prices. Back to the office to check on online prices while she's talking to her father's contacts to see if we could find something cheap somewhere somehow (she was successful after talking to three people!!), during that time I was online looking at hotels while we're waiting for her friend to reply on whether we can stay at her place there or not.. And you already know the result of that ;)

Why is it a secret? Because mom would never let me go if she knew that it is a trip to London just for fun, mom is overprotective! My friend's mom on the other hand said: "Go and have fun!!", moreover, she's thinking of joining us "if it gets into her mood, although she's not so crazy about London"!
~Of course my friend told her mom that it's a business trip too, not just for fun!!

Yes I will lie to mom, but... ummm,... what's my excuse again?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


How exciting it is to come back! I've missed this place... :)
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