Monday, October 26, 2009

On My Way

I reported stalked #2 to boss, boss to his boss, and boss's boss's boss also knew. Boss's boss did everything. (I should give them names!! :p).. Anyhow, we discussed me and Boss's boss the best way to deal with it; he investigated with the legal affairs on how much we'd gain from filing a case (not much for now, since I don't have a physical evidence or a witness); versus solving it in words and giving him a chance to apologize. We did the latter because we knew he'd deny and the case would be closed.

He apologized, it wasn't a nice situation at all, sitting in front of boss's boss, stalker #2 and his boss, and repeating what happened.. My face was getting hotter and hotter, I felt that my face was as red as the scarf that I was wearing, which was pretty much RED!

Anyhow, it finished, done, ended. Now I know that some guys are sick, and a girl really needs to make her smile and natural behavior exclusive, don't show it to just anyone..

So, I don't have much time to get online and blog, I'm on my way to work now as I'm typing this (thanks BlackBerry!).. So, excuse me if I don't reply to your comments or read your blogs. I will come back!

I'm so into "More Than Words" by "Extreme"..

I started looking for universities for my masters; there is no way that I can go without a scholarship in 2010, I just can't afford it (did my calculation). I can pay the university fees and maybe the housing, but I can't pay for anything else!
I spoke to someone from the academic affairs, she gave me a brief description of the sponsoring process and whom should I contact and what I should prepare. It's a long process, pray for me from the bottom of your heart! Scratch that, from the bottom of your stomach, or even from the bottom of your ass! PRAY for me guys, come on! Go ahead, show me the good prayers *puppy smile, trying to get your prayers" :p

Hmm, puppy smile? Puppy eyes, would that work with Arabs? I don't really think we're puppy people, I can't resist tiny kittens though..

Ok I started to just say things randomly :/
Yalla see you in my next car ride :p


12 cool peeps replied:

MuSe Sphere said...

i'm so proud of you dear, he gets what he deserve. you are very strong :)
and btw, your smiles doesn not mean you are giving them an open invitation to haressments. they are merly stupid.

and yea good luck with your master , i'm praying for you from the deep of my heart, but a puppy smile is not a bad idea , lol.

Mad Art said...

you go girl , you know how straight things up .
and good luck with your master , i rlly hope it gets easy .

Mad Art said...
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Anonymous said...

what a situation?!!
glad u reported it .. next time u should also slap then report ;P

i have no time to post but i still read some blogs here and there .. u should do like me ;)

u got our prayers dont worry :)

MonMon ♛ said...

alllah yowafgik 7abeebti w ysahel amrk =)

frogman said...

i'm glad you went through with reporting him and i'm impressed that your management took action, i was afraid they would urge you to forgive and forget and then after you leave talk about how a woman's place is in the home and that any woman who leaves the home should take what comes to her..

i am talking out of experience, mrs.froggy went through something similar.. it wasn't pretty..

good luck on your masters..

Jundi said...

what a tattletale :P lol im kidding im kidding .. Allah yib3id 3annik haik ashkal and good luck with the masters :)

eshda3wa said...

a lot of men are sick

the sooner u learn that the better!!

oo INSHALLAH INSHALLAH u get a scolarship ya rab!!

someguyfromplanet said...

you're really a kick ass!

May god grant you scholarship amiiin.

Anonymous said...

proud of you... its very rare that girls report such incidents at work... and thats why most sick men take it easy and cross their limits.

go girl.

and good luck with your scholarship :)

Anonymous said...

I guess scholarship will be fine. Saudi government give student scholarship enough to cover everything! Good luck babe!

ohDear!! said...

MuSe Sphere
Awwh! Thanks :* I love it when someone is proud of me ^^,
I know that me smiling by itself is not an invitation, but I promise you, I smile too much, and I'm the kind of people who don't have a "dry smile" unless in extreme extreme depression. I smile like there's a rainbow and birds over my head!
People actually think it's a "personal" smile!
Thanks for the good wishes :)

Mad Art

Hmmm, slap then report. Slap then report. Slap then report. Okay got it!
I rather blog then read :p lol
O thanks for your prayers, keep 'em coming!

Shokran babe :) Love you! :*

Yeah my bosses are cool, I'd say that I'm lucky just because they were there. And if anyone told me that my place was at home, THEN I wont think before slapping (thanks moos!!) damn it that would piss me!
Poor frogetta :( it isn't pretty even if you didn't report, whenever you see the other guy, you remember the thing. Send her my support! (guess she got over it already :p)
~Thanks :)

ee333!! ~ that was me getting angry :p
Hek ashkal can't resist me like the rest of the askhals :p (what's up with the sudden narcissism? :p)
Thanks for the wishes, keep praying for me!

Inshallah inshallah INSHALLLAAAH!!

Yep that's me ;) hehe.. Inshallah may God hears your prayer and speeds things up :)
Don't disappear! Come back to blogger! It's fun! I'm around ;)

Thanks :_)
It appears that girls do report, but the "investigation" process gets terminated as soon as the pervet in question denies. I am glad that I made it clear to that pervert that he is one, and I am making it clear to everyone that I am not nice to perverts.
Inshallah, and good luck on your project :) It's exciting!

I know, but I missed the government scholarships! I can either wait until next year, or apply at work! I hope they send me :)

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