Saturday, April 10, 2010

Last Week Before FaKasHon!!

I was able to have an anxiety/panic-free day yesterday; it had a lot to do with being off, and I am certain that my school buddy's prayers had a huge impact... I was pretty much "relaxed" the whole day...
But the moment I opened my eyes today when I heard the sound of the alarm, I felt it again.. I tried to analyze the situation according to what shrinky explained, he said that the way I think about the situation is the thing that leads to my emotions and behavior towards it. So, what's the situation? Me having to go to work? Meh.. What... Wah...
Wow, I really burned myself out working, didn't I?

I loved spending time doing almost nothing yesterday, I even enjoyed lazying around and saying "I'm too bored to move".. I will definitely keep doing that for some time! I EARNED it strongly strongly EARNED it!!

On Thursday while I was in the university, I got an email from boss asking me to cover for him for four days. We already agreed that he'll be off Sat, Sun, and Mon, and I'll take Tues and Fri before my two weeks vacation (to study for my finals/get away from work), and I told him that I am sorry but I will not be able to cover for him during his leave, because I am SICK. He knows everything, so he agreed. Now this email is basically telling me not only to stay at work, but asking me to cover for him. "Please agree..." Reading those words made me want to cry. I immediately spoke to him on BBM, I was tearful. He told me it is okay, and asked me not to worry about who will cover for him while he is gone.

I really need rehabilitation, I am a bad case of workaholism, moreover I used more and more work pressure to get away from the other pressures that I had (didn't work by the way), and the end result became an insanely huge pressure... Ahh, the irony!

So, I'm on my way to work now... I'm more than half an hour late, dunno when will they finish "fixing" the mistakes in Dammam roads and streets.. Am not complaining though!!


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Bliss said...

Where do you work? and what are you currently studying? :)

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