Sunday, September 13, 2009

It Hurts

Awal shi play the song, then read :p
Enjoy Natasha Bedingfield ft. Sean Kingston - Love Like This

I came back from work and I slept because I didn't sleep at all last night. Someone suggested that it was because of the 7 cups of tea that I had during the night, I dunno!! *shrugs innocently*

So I woke up, I ate and sat with my family. It wasn't long before I went back to my bed; I had a HUGE headache, my whole body hurt. So I took Panadol and lay down. And the thinking began...

From my soon to be ex-fiance, to my family's feeling about the breakup, to how my life would be after all this finishes...
I thought about all my relationships; all my friends that had an impact on my life, my deceased friend and how much she loved me, and how my sister saved my life twice (once in a swimming pool, and the second time was now when she made me involve my family in my breakup).

But I know why I have a headache, it is not the tea; it is because I am a teeth grinder, and when I get anxious it becomes so bad I clench on my teeth day and night and it ends up with a headache, and yes, body pain.

I look nothing like my mother, but worry is the only thing that she gave me in the genes, thanks mom!

2 cool peeps replied:

Anonymous said...

Relax hun, don't think a lot; I don't know what's the reason that led to your broke up but I respect you for being brave to face everything after that *hugs*

ohDear!! said...

Thank you :) Support on this is always appreciated!

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