Sunday, November 22, 2009

Interesting Lunch

*David Guetta ft. Akon - Sexy Chick

I didn't have time to have lunch with my friend at work in the main dining because I was with boss listening to his diabolical plans to rule the section (well, he already is ruling it and doing a GREAT job!), so when we were done talking, the main dining was closed half an hour ago, so I decided to go to the coffee shop in the recreation center, which is right behind my office. I ordered a mixed veggie + pepperoni pizza with french fries and pepsi and I sat at a table. By the way, I don't usually eat that much fries, and I'm known for NOT drinking any kind of soda; but it was one of those days!

So anyhow, there is this swimming pool for males inside the recreation center, which is basically what you will be looking at when you're in the coffee shop. The coffee shop is in the first floor, and the whole wall that faces the pool is all glass, so you pretty much have a good view on the pool. It isn't much crowded usually, but every now and then a bunch of guys or a group of kids from the family housing go swimming in the afternoon.

So anyhow, I am waiting for my pizza, french fries and pepsi, and I notice a guy who looked absolutely lovely; tallish, good built, white skin, black hair, wearing shorts, a t-shirt and some sort of sneakers, holding a towel and heading to the pool. I got distracted with the waiter putting my pizza on the table and asking me if I needed anything else, I told him about my french fries and pepsi.
I had a piece of pizza as I relaxed leaning on the back of the chair, and then I turned to look at the swimming pool... I know what a good looking guy looks like, but I wanted to see how this good looking guy looks shirtless.. It was innocent, don't get me wrong, I am just feeding my curiosity!

So anyhow, I didn't get to see shirtless good looking guy, I thought he left the swimming pool.. But as I was almost done with my pizza, good looking guy reappears! Oh my god he was out of the pool, in his shorts, bare feet, towel wrapped around his shoulders as he was drying his body.
I was eager to see what was hidden under the towel, good looking guy was giving me his back... He lowered the towel to dry the lower parts of his body and I see....


Good looking guy with seriously hairy back!!
It was soooo WOW especially that he was white skinned and black haired, so, the contrast made it even worse!
It was so much hair that you could actually comb it and tie it. I imagined his back hair tied in multi-colored scrunchies.. Eww!!
Good looking guy with hairy back covered his back with the towel and headed back to a safe place (away from my view -or anyone else's!) to change his shorts and wear his t-shirt.
Maaaan! Good looking guy should really shave his back! This is why God made laser hair removal accessible!! :/
Oh well, so much for the single, curious life of girls!

10 cool peeps replied:

Simple Gurl said...


el 7mdellaa u ate ur lunch already !

Smart CoOKie said...

LOL at least its an easily fixed flaw.

Cabin 3110 said...

I'm sort of surprised that he was so white skinned,it's usually Latin men with olive colored skin that have hairy backs.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh what a disappointment, LOOOL :P! Babe you cracked me up with the tying hair things :D

M O Z A said...

haha omg that was shocking, same thing here, it happened to me with a guy at uni, he looked so tiny not that good though=p anyway, he was wearing a kandoora and for some reason he lifted his hands up, believe me you don't want to see his legs, it was so hairy that u even doubt he has a normal skin under it!

Jundi said...

he must be from bilad il sham lol

ohDear!! said...

Simple Gurl
That's what I thought at first, but when I really considered it again, I found that nothing would have put me off my lunch :p

Smart CoOKie
That's beautiful! but then why won't he fix it?!!!!

Cabin 3110
I wasn't surprised :D I expect anyone to be hairy until proven otherwise :p

LOL!! It was sad and funny!!

AwOoo! :s poor guy! Completely shaved back is NOT an issue, but in some cultures, completely shaved legs is one :/ hope he's not struggling with it :p

You guessed right :)

Jundi said...

haha i knew it

Anonymous said...

yeah right innocent girl :p

peeping on guys at swimming pools ;)

but agree... i dont get it how some guys work on their bodies.. and forget to take care of basic things... some guys dont trim their nose hair :p

ohDear!! said...


Whaaat? I am innocent o:) :p
Personally, I'd put up with nose hair, but not that amount of back hair! :s Nose hair won't be so obvious.. Allah yhdeeh :D

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