Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Went to the Gym

I went to the gym at work today. I didn't know it was THIS cool!! The place is quiet, good air conditioning, A LOT of actually working machines, a good space for the instructor class, and a lot of mirrors. I was also impressed by the sound system, I took my laptop with me to do my yoga from the DVD, and the instructor connected my laptop to the sound system and there we were, me and J and a lady that thought yoga was easy and then left half way, saying that it is not really good to do those workouts without a real instructor next to you so that you do not injure yourself :p

I'm doing 10 minutes warming up, and then 20 minutes yoga (I told J that no matter how hard she tries to change my mind off yoga, she won't succeed because I need yoga, I have "special circumstances" that need getting high -legally- :p), 10 minutes cardio and 10 minutes strength. Finally 10 minutes cooling down.

I am starting with this and inshallah building it up gradually. I don't care if I work out 2 hours a day; I have nothing better to do, and I just LOVE working out. I want to be ohDearlicious!! :p Which reminds me of this song.. :D

*Fergie - Fergalicious

Hmmm aaanyways, I also need to eat healthy, for me that is the most difficult part!

- Reduce the amount of salt.
- At least one large bottle of water a day.
- Limit mayo and buttery sauces and spreads.
- Low fat milk in coffee (and everything, I hate full fat anyway).
- Never use regular sugar (love the taste of sugar substitute, plus it melts right away!).
- Nothing should be fried (come on, except occassionally!! ;) )
- More protein, less starch.
- Mandatory: 1 kind of fruit/veggies per day.
- Breakfast everyday.
- Limit trips to Baskin Robin's and Krispy Kreme.
- Split a meal and a salad with someone in restaurants instead of eating the whole thing.

Hmmm, any health advice you have for me?
Thanks! :)

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moosquestions said...

that's a good thing to do! i wish i have time to go also

i have a suggestion but i wont be able to say it ;) lol

nosa said...

great start.. its so great that u have a working out place at work!

i wish i can work out as often.. im soo free bs mdri never work out... i need to go bk to shape..

keeeep it on :D

nosa said...

great start.. its so great that u have a working out place at work!

i wish i can work out as often.. im soo free bs mdri never work out... i need to go bk to shape..

keeeep it on :D

Anonymous said...

I hate yoga :( No yoga for me! I love martial arts :) Its a way to relax also, for me :P I'm a fighter after all :P *kidding*

That's a great start really, I love all your plans. Inshallah it works out for you :) Me lovey the new name-OhDearlicious! Update us your workout routine whether it work out for you :)I think I need this routine too!

MuSe Sphere said...

you are doing great for a advise here, cuz i'm a lazy one :)

Smart CoOKie said...

That sounds great. I always wanted to try yoga.
Good luck on your new life style. =]

Mad Art said...

Good for you,don't stop .

breakfast like a king lunch like a prince dinner like a pauper ^^

And the most important rule (for me) : Never eat when you want, Always eat when you NEED.

ohDear!! said...

Say it say it say it :)
*uncontrollable lagafa!*
If you don't have time to go, work out at home! :p
No laka3a please :p

Hmmm soo free but never work out hehe.. No comment LOL!
Well, maybe you should do what I did, start with stretching and then go up a level; yoga, then aerobics, then weight lifting, and finally an actual tough aerobic class with the instructor.

Hehe! Hate yoga?! :p
You know the instructor's workouts are based on Billy Blanks' Taebo; lotsa kicking and punching.
I'll sure update you because since it's everyday, I'll have nothing else to say on blogger lol!
~ and thanks! You can be Seelicious ;)

MuSe Sphere
Hehe! Aren't we all? ;)

Mad Art
Your rule is very difficult for me :( most of the time I eat because I WANT to NEED or NEED to WANT to eat :p

~Thank you all for your support! *shy smile*

Anonymous said...

u should produce video tapes of ur workout for those lazy ppl like me to watch and work at home ;)
and i wont say it :P

ohDear!! said...

I certainly should not :p
Trust me, best workout videos are made by manly women and ugly guys, that's why "ma elak ella haifa" is so famous :pPPpPpp

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