Friday, October 16, 2009


I hate that I don't have time to blog until the weekend! Uffff!!
And it was a long week; I have been covering for boss since Sunday, he said he might come back on Wednesday but I told him he shouldn't come. Anyhow, he went abroad for an exam and I can't wait for him to come back on Saturday to know how he did! He was so frustrated the last time.
So he gave me a lot of tasks, I wasn't in the mood to work. Not only that, my mind was preoccupied by you-know-what, and it isn't that I am unable to concentrate, it is like my mind is completely blank that there is nothing to concentrate on!

Feeling low and totally distracted, I tried to push myself because I didn't want to disappoint boss; he trusts me on directing the section while he's gone, but he knows I can't do everything because I don't have enough experience. I held the section meeting on Wednesday, it was the first time that I hold a big weekly meeting! I was afraid that I'd flunk, but it wasn't that bad. It was okay actually!

I hate blogging about work.

So on Wednesday too, me and J my friend from the office went to the supermarket -not that we needed to buy anything- and I saw this pack of birthday cake candles..
Me: J, I want candles.
J: Why?
Me: I like them! ... *shy* ... should I buy them?
J: Yeah why not.
Me: Let's do a birthday!
J: lol!

And then we bought a carton packed chocolate cake, chocolate cream, and balloons. Then I saw candles with numbers and I really wanted to have them! There was 7, 8, and 9; and I couldn't decide on which number (I liked the clown on the 8 more though), I put the 8 and 9 in the basket while we're talking and I bought them both by mistake.
We continued shopping and we agreed to have the birthday between 2 and 3 pm because she had a meeting at 3 pm.

So at 2 pm, we're in my office, J's friend K joined us and she had lunch while me and J were preparing for the birthday. Birthday cake looked yummy after we covered it with the chocolate cream, and it was yum! We covered the cake with candles and prepared the balloons. I decorated the place with the multicolored magnets that I use at the office, and the chocolate mini's that I keep in a bowl at my desk (for decoration, and occassional mood lifting!).

The result:

We turned off the lights, lit the candles, put on music, and we started singing: happy biiiiiirth day to youuuu .. happy biiiiiirth day to youuuuu ... etc
And then, sana heeeelwa ya gameeeel! sana heeeelwa ya gameeeel ...

Finished singing,

K: *interrupting* kil sana wenti 6ayba J!! Kil sana wenti 6ayba ohDear!!
J and Me: Kil sana wenti 6aybaaaa LOL
Me: Okay, okay, let's make a wish!
J and K: Yalla!!
Me: Yaaa rub nsaaafir :p (I wish we travel!!)
J: *excited* yaaa rub asafir la7ali!! (I wish I travel on my own! -I'm guessing she means without her family?!)
K: Ya rub nsafir kilna.. m3 ba3'9 (I wish we travel together!)
Me: Yes, yes! I wish we travel.. and we lose it just a tiiiiiiiny little teeny weeny bit...
J: Yes, juuuust a tiiiiny little teensy weensy itsy bitsy bit.. *thinks for a second*... NO, NO! We will be excited and excited in losing it big time, if you please ohDear!! :p
K: We'll do just a few stuff... *innocent giggle*
J: Okay, okay..
Me: Are we going to... *I said something I don't want you to know :p*
K: We'll try it once!
J: Yes we just want to know what happens there... We'll just look and see!! :p
Me: Okay.. Hmmm.. Let's blow the candles now.. 1.. 2 ..3
We blew the candles and then heeeeeeeh followed by claping and laughter at ourselves!!

It was so silly, we ate the cake and enjoyed our time until it was 3 pm, and J was late for her meeting. It was so cool that we did this, and in case you're wondering whose birthday it was, hmmm it wasn't anybody's :p
After that I was catching up on work like crazy...

*Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten

I'm really trying to have the optimistic it's-a-new-day attitude that Natasha is singing, but it is difficult right now when you-know-what is so recent. Actually it was only Tuesday. Can't blame me!

Anyhow, cheers :)

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Anonymous said...

LOOOL I love this kind of spontaneous party! B and me always do that. The most crazy time was we drive across two states for a Vietnamese food on my birthday :P or sometimes we plan to have lunch somewhere but we ended up driving across two states to get a Carl's Jr burger and krespy kreme donuts :P It was so fun!

Jundi said...

lol if this post had a soundtrack it would be like this ..

Girls just wanna have fu-un...
They just wanna,
They just wanna....
They just wanna,
They just wanna....
They just wanna...
(They just wanna have fun...)
Girls just wanna have fu-un...

Bliss said...

^LOL at Jundi

I think what you did was amazing and so much fun! every one needs something so entertaining like this, every once in a while.

The cake looks so YUMMY!!!!

moosquestions said...

happy birthday ..but who is 89? if i see the number correctly :p

Smart CoOKie said...

Wow thats soooooooooo much fun! I know you were celebrating my B-day for me. Good girls LOL. :p

ohDear!! said...

You're so cool you and B! Wish I was your third wheel :p LOL!!

Heheee true!
We just wanna do that ;)
Innocently :p

IT DOES look so yummy and it WAS so yummy although it was a packaged ready cake topped with chocolate cream! Hehee..

Thanks, obviously you didn't read the post LOL!! ~Please refer to the actual post for answers hehe..

Smart CoOKie
Hehe yeah, we hope you help us make our wish come true though :p

Anonymous said...

i am embarrassed now :P i read the post :( i dont know how i missed that part .. sowwwy :$

ohDear!! said...

Moos! You should be ashamed of yourself :p how can you let my words of wisdome get past you like that? :pPp

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