Friday, September 18, 2009


*Alicia Keys - Superwoman

I'm seriously thinking of living alone -without my family- for a while. I want to work and study somewhere in the world at least for a year, if I like it, I might just do that for the rest of my life, and it'd be my thing.
But I'm afraid that these thoughts are in my head only because of what I'm going through; I mean I may not be thinking straight, maybe I'm exaggerating and making premature decisions.
Or maybe, this is just what I need...

Love the song... :)

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes leave a place and start something somewhere where no one knows you is good! I'm an independent person, I hate to stay with my family, I felt that they are looking at me and control my every move, I need my freedom and space. Now I got it all! I just visit my parents during my school holidays, I love this life style, even though sometimes you will miss home cook and stuff...

MuSe Sphere said...

go ahead and do it. it's never going to be bad, you either like it and be it for good, or you don't like it but have a great experience. but first check it with your family in case you wanted to come back cuz if they don't like it then it's hard to go back . anyway, i'm supportive and jealoues cuz i wish i can leave for good .

Anonymous said...

i so wanted to do it, thats why i feel so bad when i couldnt study abroad, but im doing it defiantly if its nt n the next 5 years, it gunna be some time later !!
it make u an independent, so when u decide to make a family u'll be able to control the house and everything.

so go 4 it, and startover :P

ohDear!! said...

Home cook? Hmm, I don't really eat at home.. so, if there isn't anything else I'm gonna miss, then I'm good to go :p
I'm happy for you, hope I do this within 2010!

MuSe Sphere
LOL wait, don't be jealous yet... It's just a thought, a serious thought.. But thought sometimes don't leave your mind, or your blog...
Maybe we should do it together :p

Funny thing is that I didn't want to study in a university that'd take me out of my city!! Now I want to leave the country :p
I do want to make a family ASAP! My plan is to get out of the country, find a man, and get married.. that is reverse eloping LOL!!

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