Thursday, December 17, 2009


Just had chicken and vegetables soup. Made me feel a little better. I am much better than yesterday; I was so exhausted and couldn't move. Today, typing doesn't exhaust me, but I can't breath!!

I have no idea what I'll be doing this weekend, maybe just rest and draw. I'm working on two drawings now, once I finish one, I'll show you guys because you asked me, remember?

I'm enjoying Pet Society app on Facebook!! That's my pet, and hey look, today I decided to have a poop baskit in my bathroom.. That is where I'm going to keep my poop until I send it as a gift to some lucky friend! ;)

*Jem - They

That's the song that was on my mind Jundi, really... who made up all the rules? That's my problem.. I rethink the rules and then get myself in trouble. Yallah!

See ya..

7 cool peeps replied:

Mad Art said...

Oh, look how cute she is! I have one, i mean had ! his name was Mia <3. i know i know mia is a girl's name but i don't care! i want a boy and i'll call him mia.
Love the poop baskit idea,lol. i keep sending mia's poop to my friends and they get angry everytime i do it ;p.
I wonder what he's doing these days, i left hime without food and shower for more than 1 month! i guess he's dead.Bummer.
I'm in the mood for chatting a lot,sorry;\ .

ohDear!! said...

Maybe this is a reminder for you to bathe and feed Mia :) No one of my friends got angry about the poop sending (yet :p) .. I wish there was more use of the poop :s it's only one coin!

Don't say sorry marra 3adi :)

Bliss said...

Chicken and vegetable soup!!
Oh god! i need soup!! o_O

Drawing could really relax you a lot! try doing that more often :)

Anonymous said...

Waiting for your drawing hehe! Hey my sis is crazy about this pet society thingy, I wonder how did some of her friends have like millions coins in their account!

Anonymous said...

Btw I missed you a lot babe! I met a blogger the other day and when she asked me whose blog is the must read for you and I was telling her about you and I asked her to read yours. I wonder if she still remember :( Anyway, for these few days I will be away so stay happy always and stay healthy please :) Don't get too tired!

nosa said...

drawing is so relaxing...

salamat :*

DreamerMe said...

Hiiii it's me!!! I feel flattered that I made your day =D

I'm glad you're doing something to relax you a bit; you should!!

Be safe!

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