Monday, April 12, 2010

It Is Not Funny...

I haven't been talking about anything but how much I'm tired and how badly I am looking forward for my leave. I agreed with boss that I'm not gonna cover for him. But on Saturday I am surprised that I actually am!
I had no choice! I got pissed at him. We were talking on BBM and I told him I didn't know I've been covering for you!
Me: You put me in your out of office replay and people are sending me your emails.
Boss: You're just there for signing papers (means that his boss will cover for him).

We spoke for a bit and I mentioned Tuesday which I am supposed to be on leave...

Boss: I will be in Riyadh Tuesday.
Me: then let your boss cover for you! You know I am sick ya nas I am sick and tired!!
Boss: wallah I am not happy about it, he will come too.
Me: you're not serious!! Then let HIS boss cover for you two...
Boss: he is coming too...
Me: -getting annoyed- then let flan (the CEO) cover for you guys.. I don't care if...
Boss: he is coming too.
Me: :O.. Wah..

And then he told me the story of the minister bla bla bla. I was so upset, and his boss came later and I spoke to him and I told him you guys are really making me angry.. And I showed him my meds, he laughed and said I reminded him of his grandma!!

Almohim boss pulled me from the never ending exhausting mind draining project for this week, and we finally agreed that I will leave the place unattended on Tuesday, and shall a museeba happen, I will come from home.

Truth is, I am saying that I'm not coming, but I don't have the heart to do this.
And truth is, they are going to be away until Wednesday noon.
And truth is, I have the right to take 3 weeks leave (starting next Saturday), which will be followed by a one week trip to Lebanon for a course!

Wouldn't that be cool? ;)

1 cool peeps replied:

eshda3wa said...

that would be awesome ,,

work just aint worth that kind of exhaustion!

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