Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just This! ♥


Last week was tiring, I didn't have the chance to tell you what happened on Friday! I don't want to write a long post, so I'm just going to show you some random pictures from my phone and my camera :)

A lovely song that makes me feel good even though life isn't being good to me :( ...
*Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On

Let's start with this one, this is when I first met S; S is my BFF's flat-mate's daughter. She's 10 years old and quite talkative. It was almost midnight when she brought her toys to show them to me, she brought this kitten and I was like "hey that matches my PJ's :p" .. I think that was the moment when she fell in love with me (when I started acting like a kid :pP)...

Later, on Friday, me, my sisters and my friend M changed S's name to "Shantelle", because we just did her hair in a curly side bun, and her being dark and pretty; we had this conversation:
Me: Don't you feel that with this hair, S's name is.. "Natasha"?
Sis: * laughs* Hmmm, no I think she's... "Shanikwa" (dunno where she got that from :p)
Me: No babe! She's a total "Shantelle"! She could go "hey am Shantelle.. Shantelle, Shantelle" .. *snap fingers as I repeat the name*
So we called her Shantelle for the rest of our stay there :) she liked it!!

And this is our breakfast in King Khaled airport, I had orange juice, tuna sandwich and cold coffee (you notice I have a very healthy appetite! I was hungry and I had to go back to work on the same day! -arrived at noon). M got a hot cappuccino and she got a heart! I ♥ hearts on my coffee! :D


I took this picture as a joke, I don't remember the restuarant, I think it's Bet Altanoor in Khobar. They serve soups/thongs :)


A "part" of a lunch I had in Carlton Al-Moaibed Hotel, I was excited about the shrimpaya (love shrimp! ♥)
Why do girls take pictures of their food? :p


The swimming pool in Carlton Almoaibed hotel looks so inviting!
♥ swimming :)


Finally, a not so glamorous photo!
Last Tuesday, I was visited by two students that had summer training in the section I was heading at the time (boss was on leave), and they stayed with me most of the time. So anyhow, one of them was telling me that she just cleaned her room and she found really old stuff that go as far as 9 years back!! I told her, "but you can't beat what I found in my room once when I cleaned!!"

Heheeee :D

Hmmm and that's it! Next time I bog, I will tell you the story of "pervert".. that's one of many nicknames that he got in the last three days!!


13 cool peeps replied:

Mad Art said...

Ok,i'm leaving all the photos behinde. I need a word with you bout the banana, seriously!

Mad Art said...

without the e "behind" , hehe ^^"

Jundi said...

lol why did u feel u have to take a picture of that banana

Bliss said...

Thongs? ahahahaha eash jabo bil menu!! what did they mean by it ;p

And the banana, I'M SPEECHLESS!!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ thongs *wild imagination* :P Actually I kinda know why they put the word thongs! I'm not so sure but I guess you went to a Chinese restaurant, it means soup in Chinese btw! Tell me if I'm guessing it right?Glad that you have lots of fun babe! And seafood, definitely yummy! Me likey shrimp too!

I was looking and ANALYZING what's the black, poopies look alike thing in your last picture and realized that it was a BANANA *sweats* *speechless*

PS I'm really proud of you, haha! Four *R.A.F.H* luggage in a row?! *salute*

moosquestions said...

why life isn't being good to u?

and thongs and the banana .. pricesless lool!

Anonymous said...

PPS Is that Euros under the banana? Save that for your next trip, LOOOOL!

SKITTLES said...

that coffee looks yummy

MuSe Sphere said...

the banana !!! i'm speechless , loool

eshda3wa said...

i take photos of everything i eat ..

and yalah i wana know 3an pervert!

nosa said...

omg the old banana mo 9ij !!! omg mn glb!!

i love leme3bd!! GREAT GOOOD memories there :'(
i miss my ksa frineds soooo soo much

n LOL @ the thongs!hahaahy

ohDear!! said...

Mad Art
*oops!!* :$
:D I absolutely cannot defend myself hehe..

Because it took my breath away! And it was priceless! :D
And, being a girl and all, it was pretty much a reflex to take a picture!

Thongs = soup! :)
I was speechless too when I saw it lol!

~ You are right :D it is soup and they did serve Chinese food.
~ LOL @ "poopies look alike thing" heheheee.
~ O thankx for being proud :$ I thoguht you'd be :)
~ O no babe, it's a Saudi Riyal hehe, too bad :) And I will need a different currency for my next trip ;) got it all planned!

~ :( Life is trying to be funny I guess!
~ LOL so true! :)

It was :) it was M's but I had to taste it for her :p

MuSe Sphere
We all are! Haha!!

~ I wish I knew why we do that? :D
~ Done!

Hehe, OMG indeed :D
You made me love the hotel as well :) yalla I'll send you inspiration to get together with your KSA friends in Alm3ebed soon! :)
*Invite me, I like eating for free!!*

DreamerMe said...

OMG, C's comment made me ROFL!!

"poopie's look-alike thing"...

Haha, eww she made me visualize poopy!

Hilarious, all in all, and put a great big smile on my face =P

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