Thursday, October 22, 2009


Pervert #1: He was a stalker; sent me a few emails to my work email. We still don't know who he is, although I have a certain suspect. We traced his IP address, but after a while we decided that finding out who this ****** is probably not worth the trouble. A) because he stopped sending after we changed my email and B) because we don't have time and C) as long as he is not from work (which is something we are almost sure of), then it won't be of any use knowing him.

Pervert #2 NEW: He was flirting in the face saying let's do it. Can't get more retarted. And I didn't expect this amount of retardation from an American, but I guess elta5alluf is everywhere, and depending on the location of your brain. Because some people have brains in their skulls, while others have them in their penises.

Scuze me.

For #2, that was the excuse actually; that he came from Georgia, and people from Georgia aren't all educated, and it is his first time on a plane, and his first time to Saudi.
Wallahi I don't care! That is not a good enough excuse, he should know the difference between being friendly, joking, flirting, and sexual harrassment.

Now, I won't go into details, not to protect their privacy, but because I'm angry. I am angry that guys can get really... *#$!@@*^%$! And I am also angry at myself for always smiling always laughing. I need to be more professional and less casual. I don't need to be myself at work, I need to be myself with myself, at home, with friends, with family... in other words, in my personal life.

I'm so angry!

All I can say is: malat 3ala some stupid cows!

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Anonymous said...

LOOOL @ email stalker!

Eeeeeeee wallah some people have no respect for the others, don't give a shit to anyone, they will take things for granted! What a humongous cow big time!

Mad Art said...

ignoring ppl is how i do it ;)

Smart CoOKie said...

Even if you are smiley & fun that's not a legitimate reason for creeps to harass you. I wish I could slap the guy in his face when ever he crosses a line.

MuSe Sphere said...

they are stupid enough to think that even a no response means it's ok !! such people need to be stopped once and for all, yelling at them, threatening them would scare the shit out of them

Anonymous said...

he said lets do it?!
dont they teach them anything b4 they start working? i think they should orient them and introduce them to the culture and what is acceptable and what's not so they won't have any excuse..

does he do that with everyone or just u?

Jundi said...

oh admit it .. u like the attention :P

kidding kidding .. well just remember not all men are like that :o

Whispering Thoughts said...

I don't know how these guys do that?.. I always find myself wanna talk to that girl but all this longing to start a talk with her fades away in front of shyness, politeness, and all these bad things in my character …. Don't worry, I have Americans in my work, and I saw them showing themselves in a way worse than Saudis LOL….. I do understand your anger .

Anonymous said...

ROFL @ the email stalker :D.... if I was you I could have created an email rule saying some F*** words or perhaps a fake message that your email is unavailable.

its a bad idea to change your email address just for one stupid stalker.

yeah for the second case... you will find many of those men especially in the corporate environment whom when they sometime think if you are smiling and joking too much with them they will have the illusion that you want to sleep with them :/

just be straight forward and formal with all me any where in your life. this is an advice from a man ;)

hey great blog... keep'em coming :)

ohDear!! said...

Humongous cow! Thanks! It does not really capture the essence of what this guy is, but quite expressive!

Mad Art
Yeah, try to ignore #2! It would be easier if it wasn't face to face. God!

Smart CoOKie
But do creeps really need a legitimate reason? They are, afterall, creeps! They don't need anything. Just anything to get that thing "rise"... or try to :p
I'm nasty I know.

MuSe Sphere
I wish I could do that :( I'm stupidly nice at those situations!
Trying to toughen up though. Just once I raised my voice -not shout :p- at a guy at work, he got upset and I ignored him :p
That was me on my nastiest behavior.

At my previous work place I KNOW they did, but here, I am not sure. But anyhow I don't think what he did would have been accepted even in Georgia. That was just a stupid excuse.
Don't worry Moos, he does that to all girls, that is why he complains that "some Saudi girls" are not nice to him because he is an "American".
You're overprotective :p

I like it, but that was harrassment, not attention!! :p
Sure, okay! Not ALL, what is the percentage though? :pP

Whispering Thoughts
Babe you're adorable. I had a Pervert #0 like you :p he used to send me cute emails, well, still does and I totally ignored him until he started to get really comfortable with it. I called him and he denied it. Then he apologized to me by email :D..
That was cute :D

Well Naseem I got a cooler email, didn't mind it at all :p
And that is a nasty illusion! I will certainly take your advice!
And.. thanks :) *in a formal way :p*

DM said...

"Because some people have brains in their skulls, while others have them in their penises."

Truer words were never spoken.

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