Thursday, May 6, 2010

Going to Beirut

* I'm not liking the jokes about Riyadh, what happened was unfortunate. I'm sure people are still suffering.
* I'm in Beirut for a week, I have a course. I didn't sleep well last night, obviously I'm afraid of flying. The flight is almost 3 hours and I took one tablet of propranolol to "block" my adrenaline, but it can't block the fear itself! The rest is up to me!! I have Xanax with me, my doc gave it to me for emergencies, but I never used it. My friend told me that her friends in the US were just talking about this drug, and how they take it for long flights to have "positive thoughts". I don't wanna take it, I did a whole lot of research, and I carried it with me. I finally put my trust in God. He kept me safe.
* I'd love to attend those pre-flight classes that helps you deal with panic and anxiety.
* I have 3 finals in two weeks.
1st subject: I have one chapter left to finish studying it.
2nd subject: I gotta study the whole material for the FIRST time!
3rd subject: I already studied all the material for the mid term, which is good, but still need to do heavy reviewing.
Now, how am I gonna study all the material when I have the course and then I have to go back to work?! I need your prayers.
* I don't really like to stay by myself, but I'm staying kind of alone in Beirut for the course. A colleague from the office is also attending this course, but she's here with her family (mom + child + MAID + husband will come in a couple of days). I'm AaalooowwWne!! I told myself, no worries, at least I'll get to do the "solo traveler" thing, if I like it, I might do it again!
* Mmmm actually am bored in the plane and am writing this and planning to send it as soon as we land. About 45mins more.. Inshallah aw9al bissalama ya rub!

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Smart CoOKie said...

So I guess al 7mdullah 3la slamtik. I'd love to travel alone. Don't be bored, have lots of fun & good lock on your exams. =]

RainDrop said...

I've never "really" travelled alone, always with family. BUT, fe my honeymoon, i sort of spend all the time on my own, and did all the check-ins and outs and airport stuff ON MY OWN.. and to b honest, as bad as that may have sounded, i would've loved it if the circumstances were a tad different..

and the flying fear.. hmm, never experienced it myself el 7imdellah, but i know ppl who go thru hell till the reach their destination.. Think of it as a car..! and statistically, planes r much safer than cars :P so, u should b fearing cars not planes!

GL in ur exams :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

This was nice to read, travlin` alone cn be advntrous :)

Thx 4 sharin`,
And best of luck in yr exams.


Whispering Thoughts said...

Oh man , look who's just landed in Beirut. I wish u a good stay in there :)
I need to make up reading all blog entries that I missed.

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